Sample Wedding Vows

Check out our sample wedding vows for Zara and Mike.

Mike and Zara: Wedding Vows


Zara, from the moment you walked into that interview room, my heart skipped a beat. I was supposed to be the composed interviewer, but your smile disarmed me. Your qualifications? Irrelevant. Your experience? Insignificant. It was your eyes—the way they sparkled when you spoke—that sealed the deal. And so, here we are, standing at the threshold of forever.

Today, in front of our cherished friends and family, I promise to be your partner in adventure. Our love story began with a job interview, but it’s evolved into something far greater—a journey of shared dreams, laughter, and stolen kisses. So, here’s my vow to you:

  • I promise to be your co-pilot in this grand adventure called life. Whether we’re backpacking through the Himalayas or navigating IKEA furniture assembly, I’ve got your back.
  • I promise to cherish our late-night conversations—the ones where we dissect movie plots, analyze our friends’ quirks, and dream about the places we’ll explore next.
  • I promise to be your cinema buddy, even if it means watching that rom-com you love for the hundredth time. And yes, I’ll even share my popcorn.
  • Most importantly, I promise to love you fiercely, even when life throws plot twists our way. We’ll weather storms, celebrate victories, and create a love story that rivals any Hollywood blockbuster.


Mike, my steadfast anchor in this chaotic world, you’re the reason I said yes to that job interview. Little did I know that my career path would lead me straight to my heart’s true north. From that first interview, where I nervously adjusted my blazer, to this moment—our wedding day—I’ve cherished every step of our journey.

So, here’s my vow to you:

  • I promise to be your fellow wanderer. Let’s collect passport stamps like badges of honor, explore hidden alleys, and savor street food in far-flung corners of the world.
  • I promise to be your social butterfly. Our friends are our chosen family, and I’ll gladly host game nights, dinner parties, and impromptu dance-offs in our living room.
  • I promise to hold your hand in the cinema, whether we’re watching a tearjerker or a sci-fi epic. And yes, I’ll even pretend not to notice when you tear up during emotional scenes.
  • Most importantly, I promise to love you fiercely, even when life’s script takes unexpected turns. We’ll write our own lines, create our own soundtrack, and dance through every season together.


And so, surrounded by love and laughter, we pledge to celebrate today—the beginning of our forever. We’ll dance under the stars, clink glasses, and steal kisses in secret corners. And when the time is right, we’ll welcome little adventurers into our world—tiny beings who’ll inherit our love for travel, our knack for friendship, and our shared passion for cinema.

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