Glowing Goddess, Not Oompa Loompa: Flawless Fake Tan for your Wedding Day (No Orange Hands!)

Your wedding day is all about feeling radiant and confident. And for many, a touch of sun-kissed glow can add to that feeling. But who wants the stress of sunburns or uneven tanning beds? Fake tan is a fantastic alternative, but the dreaded orange hands loom large. Fear not, future brides! With these tips, you can achieve a natural, beautiful tan on your big day, minus the telltale tangerine fingers.

Prep is Key:

Exfoliate: 2-3 days before, buff away dead skin with a gentle scrub for even tan absorption. Moisturise well, especially dry areas like hands and feet.
Shave/wax: Do this 24 hours before tanning to avoid irritation.
Practise: Experiment with the tanner beforehand to find the perfect shade and application technique. This is not the time for tanning adventures!

Taming the Tan:

Mitt magic: Invest in a tanning mitt! It ensures even application and saves your palms from turning orange.
Moisturise hands: Before tanning, apply a light layer of moisturiser on palms and knuckles to create a barrier.
Less is more: Apply sparingly on hands, using leftover product from the mitt. Focus on the tops of your hands and blend well.
Claw hands: While applying, make a claw-like shape with your hand to reach all areas, including between fingers.
Don't forget: Lightly tan your nails and cuticles for a natural look.

Post-Tan Perfection:

Wash wisely: Wait at least 8 hours before washing your hands. Use lukewarm water and pat dry gently.
Moisturise daily: Hydrated skin fades evenly and prevents patchy tan lines.
Exfoliate: After a few days, start gentle exfoliation to remove tan gradually and avoid streaks.

Bonus Tips: 
Consider a professional spray tan: For a flawless, worry-free experience, get a professional spray tan closer to your wedding date.

Test for allergies: Do a patch test 24 hours before applying the tanner to avoid any nasty surprises.

Relax and enjoy! You've got this! With these tips and a little practise, you'll achieve a gorgeous, natural-looking tan that complements your wedding day glow.

Remember, confidence is the best accessory! So focus on feeling beautiful and radiant, and let your tan simply enhance your natural beauty. Now go forth and conquer your wedding day with a flawless, sun-kissed look!