Winter Wedding Colour Inspiration

Winter is a beautiful and festive time of year, and there are many colour schemes that can enhance the mood and atmosphere of your wedding. Here are some ideas and tips for choosing the best winter wedding colours for your blog.

  • White and Gray: This is a perfect combination for a modern and minimalist vibe, creating a sleek and chic aesthetic. White and gray are also versatile colours that can work with any venue and style, from urban lofts to snowy mountains. You can use white for your wedding dress, cake, flowers, and invitations, and gray for your suit, shoes, tablecloths, and napkins.


  • Silver and Light Blue: This is a stunning combination that evokes the icy beauty of winter, adding a touch of sparkle and magic to your wedding. Silver and light blue are also elegant and sophisticated colours that can work with any theme, from fairy tale to vintage. You can use silver for your jewellery, tableware, cake stand, and candles, and light blue for your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, invitations, and favours.
  • Burgundy and Gold: This is a luxurious combination that works well for an elegant and formal wedding, creating a rich and glamorous atmosphere. Burgundy and gold are also warm and festive colours that can work with any season, from fall to winter. You can use burgundy for your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, cake, and wine glasses, and gold for your jewellery, tableware, invitations, and candles.
  • Navy Blue and Orange: This is a striking combination that works well for a modern and chic wedding, creating a contrast and interest. Navy blue and orange are also vibrant and cheerful colours that can work with any mood, from fun to romantic. You can use navy blue for your suit, shoes, cake stand, and tablecloths, and orange for your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, and lanterns.

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