Traditional Wedding Speech Order Of Service

The Traditional Wedding Speech Order Explained

1. Father of the Bride Speech
The father of the bride typically kicks off the speech proceedings. If he isn’t present, a close family friend can step in. Here’s what the father of the bride should cover:
  • Welcome: He welcomes the guests he’s hosting and expresses gratitude for their presence.
  • Bride’s Partner: He warmly welcomes the bride’s partner into the family.
  • Toasts: He leads toasts to absent friends and family.
  • Compliments: The father of the bride shares heartfelt stories about the bride and expresses pride.
  • Praise: He praises the newlyweds and explains why they make a great couple.

Remember, it’s not just about listing thank-yous; a touch of wit and warmth adds magic to the speech.

2. Groom’s Speech
Next up is the groom. His speech includes:

  • Acknowledgment: He thanks everyone for being part of the celebration.
  • Bride: The groom expresses his love for the bride and shares endearing anecdotes.
  • Family and Friends: He acknowledges both families and friends.
  • Best Man: The groom praises the best man and thanks him.
  • Toast: Finally, he toasts to the future with his beloved.
3. Best Man’s Speech
The best man follows the groom. His speech covers:
  • Introduction: He introduces himself and shares how he knows the groom.
  • Humour: Best man speeches often include humour, but it’s essential to keep it respectful.
  • Anecdotes: He shares amusing or heartwarming stories about the couple.
  • Groom: The best man praises the groom and wishes the couple well.
  • Toast: He raises a glass to the newlyweds
Flexibility for Same-Sex Couples
In same-sex weddings, there’s room for creativity. Here are some options:
  • Both Partners Speaking: It’s common for both partners to speak. You can decide on an order that feels right for you.
  • Expanded Roster: Consider including the father of the groom, the mother of the bride, the maid of honor, or even the bride herself. The order could be: father of the bride, groom, bride, bridesmaids/maid of honor, and best man.
  • Mix It Up: Feel free to rearrange the order. Maybe the best man starts, and the groom concludes. It’s your day—make it uniquely yours!

Timings and Placement

Traditionally, speeches happen after dinner, but couples are getting creative. Some split the meal and have speeches between courses, while others prefer speeches before the meal. Choose what suits your style!

Remember, wedding speeches are a beautiful blend of tradition, love, and personal flair. So, raise your glasses and celebrate love!

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