How to Incorporate Children into Your Wedding

Making Your Big Day Even Bigger: How to Involve the Kids

Your wedding day isn't just about saying "I do", it's about celebrating the whole family! Whether you've got mini-mes from past relationships, a blended bunch, or just some special children in your life, having them involved in your nuptials can make it even more epic.

Before the Big Bash:

"Mini-Me Planning Sessions": Get the little ones in on the fun by asking their advice on music, decorations, or even cake flavors! They can help out with creative stuff like making invites, picking outfits, or sampling sweets.

Superhero Roles: Give them a sense of importance by assigning them cool jobs in the wedding party. They can be flower power girls, ring-bearing ninjas, junior bridesmaids/groomsmen with awesome suits, or even read a poem or scripture. Just make sure the roles are age-friendly and something they'll love doing.

Child Zone: Set up a "kid's corner" with games, puzzle sets, and snacks to keep them entertained while the grown-ups are busy being fancy. Think colouring books, building blocks, or even hire a magician or face painter to make it extra fun. Plus, having a trusted grown-up on babysitting duty keeps everyone happy and hydrated.

On the Big Day:

Grand Entrance (Mini Style): Have the kids walk you down the aisle! Holding hands, separate marches, or even carrying a funny sign that says "Here comes Mom/Dad!" are all adorable options.

Dance Party Duo: Dedicate a song to your mini-mes and bust a move together on the dance floor. It can be a tearjerker (in a good way!) and something you'll both remember forever. Think classics like "You Are My Sunshine" or upbeat tunes like "Happy" to get everyone grooving.

Memories in the Making: Don't forget to capture their smiles and shenanigans with photos! Get some group shots, cute candids, and maybe even a silly picture with everyone making funny faces.

Special Gifts, Big Hugs: Show your love with personalised gifts that mark their special role in your wedding.Matching necklaces, a cool book about the day, or something that reflects their interests like a new game or a cuddly toy all work wonders.


Chill Vibes Only: Don't stress about them behaving perfectly or following every rule. Let them have fun and be themselves! Tantrums, spills, and boredom happen, so roll with it and remember, it's all part of the adventure.

Bend and Snap: Children change their minds faster than a chameleon changes colour, so be ready to adjust your plans on the fly. Shorten speeches, skip parts of the ceremony, or change the seating chart if needed. Snacks, drinks, and comfy pillows can also work wonders if the energy starts to dip.

Making Memories, Not Masterpieces: The most important thing is to create a positive and unforgettable experience for everyone, especially the little ones. Focus on enjoying the moment, celebrating your love and family, and letting their laughter be the soundtrack to your special day.

By following these tips, you can make your wedding enjoyable for everyone, from the tiniest tot to the oldest aunt! So get ready for happy tears, and memories that will last a lifetime. Let's hear it for the kiddos making your big day even bigger!

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