Father of the Bride Speech Sample - Emotional

An emotional Father of the Bride Speech. A father and daughter with a love of football.

Good evening everyone, and welcome! For those who don't know me, I'm Ken, Lisa’s ever-so-slightly biased father. Tonight, I stand not just as the fella footing the wedding bill (though Chloe, if you have any suggestions for how I’ll fund it, my ears are open...), but as a man overflowing with pride and gratitude.

Lisa and I, well, we weren't your typical father-daughter duo. Football was and is our secret language. We navigated muddy pitches and life's challenges with equal vigor, celebrating victories, big and small, like they were the FA Cup final. Remember that heart-stopping penalty shootout at Wembley with the mighty Stockport, Lisa? Your mum, bless her soul was cheering the loudest? That memory, like so many others, lives on, intertwined with the beautiful game that brought us together.

Speaking of Mum, while her absence today leaves an incredible ache, her spirit soars in this room. You see, football wasn't just about the game; it was about resilience, about facing life's tackles head-on, hand-in-hand. And when cancer was her opposition, we came together and faced it as a team. Your mum had an unwavering spirit that lives on in you and was and will forever be your loudest cheerleader. She'd be bursting with pride, Lisa, seeing the woman you've become, the incredible future you're building. You are an angel, just like your mum.

Lisa, ever since you were a little girl, I knew you had a spirit for adventure and passion. Seeing you chase your dreams and now finding happiness with Chloe fills me with immense pride.

Chloe, you entered our lives not just as Lisa’s partner, but as another teammate, another footy nut. Seeing you celebrate goals with the same infectious joy as me and Lisa, understanding the offside rule without a groan, well, let's just say you scored a hat trick in my book. You complement Lisa perfectly, bringing your own strengths and passions to the team.

Chloe, you've brought a sparkle to Lisa's eyes I haven't seen in years. Your kindness, wit, and shared love for each other make you a perfect match.

If I was to offer you any advice it would be that marriage is like watching Stockport County, at times it can feel rough, cold and heartbreaking. But as long as you work together, communicate openly, and always remember the love that brought you here today, you'll face any challenge as a winning team."

Lisa, my darling, watching you blossom into this strong, determined, and loving woman has been the greatest joy of my life. You've faced challenges with the grace, chased your dreams with tenacity, and found love in Chloe, someone who cherishes you as much as I do.

So, tonight, as we celebrate your union, I raise a glass not just to you and Chloe, but a new team, to the memory of a wife and mother who lives on in our laughter. May your future be filled with victories, and may you always remember the power of love. Cheers!