Adding Marseille Bleu to Your Big Day: Wedding Colour of the Year


Calling all trendsetting couples! If you're looking for a "something blue" that goes beyond tradition, look no further than Marseille Bleu, the captivating Wedding Colour of the Year. This dynamic shade, reminiscent of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, brings a touch of sophistication and vibrancy to any wedding theme. But how do you incorporate this bold hue without it overwhelming your special day? Worry not, lovebirds, for we're here to guide you on your journey into the depths of Marseille Bleu elegance!


A Splash of Brightness:

Marseille Bleu's versatility is its superpower. Use it as a statement colour for your bridesmaids' dresses, tablecloths, or a dramatic floral arch. Let it accentuate your invitations, cake design, or even your groom's attire with a dapper tie set. Remember, less is more. A few well-placed pops of this rich blue can create a lasting impression without feeling overwhelming.


The Tie Garden's Touch of Bleu:

Speaking of dapper attire, let's introduce you to the perfect accessory for your groom or groomsmen: The Tie Garden's Tie Set Bleu. This exquisite set features a beautifully textured silk tie in a luxurious shade of Marseille Bleu, paired with a matching pocket square. The silk's sheen adds a touch of sophistication, while the subtle texture brings a modern edge. Imagine your groom walking down the aisle, radiating confidence and elegance in this stunning set. It's the "something blue" with a sophisticated


Beyond the Bleu:

Don't shy away from pairing Marseille Bleu with other colours! Blush tones add a touch of romance, vibrant corals inject energy, and luxurious gold accents create an opulent atmosphere. Play with textures like velvet, sequins, and lace to add depth and dimension. Remember, it's your day, so let your personalities shine through your colour

Embrace the Bleu-tiful:

Marseille Bleu is more than just a colour; it's a mood, a feeling, an experience. By incorporating it thoughtfully into your wedding, you'll create a day that's both timeless and trendy, sophisticated yet personal. So, dive into the depths of Marseille Bleu, and let your love story unfold in a sea of breathtaking elegance.

Ready to explore the Tie Garden's Tie Set Bleu and other wedding accessories? Visit their website or contact them today to add a touch of Marseille Bleu magic to your special day!